About Clarity

The mission of Clarity is to foster and structure initiative taking and autonomy in human, profitable and efficient organizations.


Clarity is a Belgian company with two founders - one from Liege and the other from Antwerp.Its mission is to foster and structure initiative taking and autonomy in human, profitable and efficient organizations. Our approach, far from the non-reproducible character of a liberated enterprise, involves upgrading or transforming the client organisation on the basis of tested methods (Role-based Governance, Modern Agile, Scrum, Spiral Dynamics etc.)

Our mission is to teach you to create areas of autonomy for your employees, accompanied by a structured process with reproducible results.

Clarity Upgrades

We focus on teams and organisations. After a brief analysis of your situation, we design the roadmap to achieve the desired upgrade.We then support you by establishing a customised transformation team.

Further information: [email protected]

Clarity Academy

We simplify the complexity of organisations. We use our Clarity model to render this complexity manageable. For each of the parties involved we offer specific training courses for Management, Project Leaders or consultants. The Academy is an integral part of our objective to enable you to operate your organisational transition autonomously. Contact Fabian Jeanmart (0470 076498 or [email protected]) for further information as a participant or instructor.

Clarity Community

Cooperation leads to richer results. This is why we make this area a meeting place for those concerned in organisational transitions.

We use this community to exchange energy and inspiration.

For further information, contact [email protected]

Discover our methodology

In het kader van ons NOVO-programma trok Hendrik het onderdeel NWOW en de introductie van onze Dynamic Office. Ik kan Hendrik volmondig aanbevelen voor uw projecten rond organisatievernieuwing.

Frank Van Massenhove,
Voorzitter van het Directiecomité @ FOD Sociale Zekerheid

De begeleiding en ondersteuning via Hendrik zorgde voor een snellere groei van de maturiteit van de medewerkers en als team. Rolgebaseerd governance werkt nu voor ons op een goede manier binnen onze organisatie.

Christophe VanDriesche,
zaakvoerder @ Amon

Après une étude approfondie de nos valeurs et un alignement nécessaire sur la culture de notre entreprise, Clarity a introduit un nouveau système de management avec succès. Aujourd'hui, nos employés ont une grande autonomie et sont pleinement engagés dans plusieurs décisions stratégiques.

Jan Peelaerts,
managing director @ Eutomation

Our team

Fabian Jeanmart

Having been active as an HR consultant for over ten years, I have come to realise that company culture is no longer working properly and that change is needed in the form of governance. I live in Liege and I am a change and development enthusiast.

Hendrik Deroo

I love the change phases in systems and organisations. For 11 years I have been accompanying around twenty companies in their change towards the “New Way Of Working (NWOW)”, including the Public Federal Service (formerly Ministry) of Social Security. In addition, for the last three years I have been enthusiastic about innovative governance models and “Reinventing Organisations”. I live in Antwerp with Eefje and our two children who are constantly calling the world into question.

François Flamion

When studying HR, I observed the lack of an analysis of power and of a new way of distributing it. I then discovered the principles of Collective Intelligence, Sociocracy and role-based governance. This has allowed me to look at the company and the relationships between its members from a new perspective, more adapted to today's world and the wishes of my generation.

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