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Clarity Ecosystem - 05.08.2021

Clarity, ook via Blockchain

Clarity Upgrades ontwerpt uw blockchain-processen.


Clarity Ecosystem - 05.02.2020

Meaning at work

How do you bring people together around a shared purpose and put more meaning into work through the way your organisation is structured ? While there is not a definitive answer to this, here are some ideas to build a good coherent and meaningful backbone for your organisation.


Clarity Ecosystem - 06.11.2019

Organisational Performance

Is your team sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of things that are needed to be improved ? And exactly on those critical moments, there is no time to reflect or adapt ?


Clarity Ecosystem - 30.09.2019

Being SMART in 2020

SMART objectives are nice. It was invented back in 1981 and stayed relevant since then. Because everybody agrees that having Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound projects is important. But 38 years have passed…


Actualité - 14.06.2019

Clarity, UCLouvain study and the role of unions…

Clarity has recently been busy helping to grow the academic research on the emerging new world of work, collaborating with academics and students of UCLouvain. Things got even more interesting when people from the unions’ world got involved into the discussions.


Clarity Ecosystem - 22.05.2019

Agile governance and the Iphone

I was wondering something lately. Can agile governance be compared to the Iphone ?

Let me explain.


Clarity Ecosystem - 29.03.2019

500 Days of Self-Management

Today is my 500th day working in self-management. It represents a good opportunity to take a quick look back and share with you what my experience has been so far !


Clarity Ecosystem - 19.02.2019

How do you deal with salaries in Self-Organised Companies ?

No it’s not chaotic ! Because in self-organised companies there are still rules. And they are designed to create a transparent and constructive discussion in a peer-to-peer way.

Let’s dig in.


Actualité - 18.01.2019

ING: een getransformeerd bedrijf dankzij Agile

Onlangs werd de Agile-methode in de kantoren van ING ingevoerd, met de deelname van Experis en Clarity Upgrades.

Voys Control: Holacratisch bestuur brengt belbedrijf supergroei! Picture

Actualité - 27.11.2018

Voys Control: Holacratisch bestuur brengt belbedrijf supergroei!

Het Groningse telecombedrijf Voys van Mark Vletter (38) kent geen managers. Wie salarisverhoging wil, moet aan zijn collega’s vragen of dat terecht is.